Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 124

Arapaho Nation

Arapahoe, WY

Arapaho Charter school is located on the Wind River Indian Reservation, and most of its students are from the Arapaho Nation, which has deep roots on the reservation dating back to the late 1800s.

Total Votes: 238


Big Piney, WY

No the athletes at Big Piney aren't going to clock you one if you end up beating them in a sports competition, the Punchers name is short for cowpunchers, which is just another name for a cowboy.

Total Votes: 66


Farson, WY

The pronghorn is also the fastest land animal in North America and, until recently, outnumbered people in Wyoming. Makes sense why Farson-Eden went with the pronghorn. It always helps to be fast and have the numbers.

Total Votes: 13,243


New Castle, WY

The mascot is the name for a motherless calf in a herd and it's said that the mascot was chosen to reflect Wyoming's extremely high cattle population.

Total Votes: 1,508


Rawlins, WY

No need to hide your wallets or lock your doors, the athletes at Rawlins were named the Outlaws simply because that's where the Wyoming State Penitentiary is located.

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