Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 7,956


Ashland, WI

The area was known for its ore dock, a huge structure used for loading ore boats.

Total Votes: 4,977

Galloping Ghosts

Kaukauna, WI

In the early 1920s, Kaukauna dressed in white for a football game against rival Appleton. The team was known for its great speed and was therefore thought to be elusive, like a ghost. Another tale includes a student who cloaked himself and ...

Total Votes: 3,935


Kimberly, WI

Kimberly's first paper mill dates back to 1889. Paper wasps are considered natural papermakers for a unique ability to mix their salivia with fibers from dead wood and plant stems to make nests resembling paper material.

Total Votes: 55,004

Granite Diggers

Mellen, WI

The surrounding area is granite, hence the mascot name, Granite Diggers. Simple explanation there.

Total Votes: 80,132


Rhinelander, WI

While sitting around a campfire with friends, a logger named Eugene Shepard told a made-up story about seeing a vicious monster with fangs that came out from the north woods of Wisconsin and fed on dogs. The hodag is described as having the...

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