Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 40,180


Chinook, MT

The town's livelihood was built around sugarbeet production, but the sugarbeet doesn't exactly strike fear in many opponents. So the mascot's look has changed over the years, and now the school has arrived at a much more ferocious-looking v...

Total Votes: 230


Nashua, MT

The school was named after Porcupine Creek, which runs directly along the eastern border of Nashua. Porcupine Creek is the border of Fort Peck Indian Reservation and a scenic, well-known waterway in the region.

Total Votes: 6,153


Sunburst, MT

There used to be a refinery in Sunburst, a town that was known as a significant source for oil and gas production. The refinery is no longer there, but the area remains a major oil-producing region.

Total Votes: 24,214


Deer Lodge, MT

The first territorial prison was built in Deer Lodge and housed Montana's worst criminals. Today, the Montana State Prison is located approximately 3.5 miles west of Deer Lodge, and the town also remains a hotbed for prison museums.

Total Votes: 496


Whitewater, MT

Penguins might not be an entirely unique nickname, but the legend behind the origin of this nickname is. Allegedly, the school's gym used to be so cold that when fans would start filling it for basketball games, they'd be so bundled up that...

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