Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 26,111

Sea Urchins

Blue Springs, MS

East Union was built in 1962. The basketball coach at the time came up with the school colors, and the mascot. The school colors are brown & gold, colors you don't see everyday. The mascot is a Sea Urchin. A mascot you certainly don't s...

Total Votes: 3,068


Houston, MS

There are a number of different ideas of what a hilltopper is exactly. The Houston Hilltopper is a ram. Houston used to have a real ram that would lead the football team out onto the field - but that was done away with and replaced with som...

Total Votes: 219


Vicksburg, MS

St. Aloysius was founded by the Catholic religious congregation Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Its mascot, The Flashes, get a shout out in the school's fight song, "The Purple Flashes are our heroes; they are the men who never say die. So wh...

Total Votes: 31,735


Bay Saint Louis, MS

Rock-a-chaw comes from an old Choctaw Indian word meaning devil grass and today is also known as sandbur (Cenchrus L.). Several species are common in the area, especially coastal sandbur. "Rock-a-chaw" was the name given to the hard, spiny,...

Total Votes: 50


Taylorsville, MS

In the 13th century, eastern Europe was invaded by an army of Mongolian barbarians, known as the Tartars. The Tartars name was derived from the Latin term for hell, Tartarus, due to the fact that they destroyed armies and burned towns that ...

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