Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 8,003


Claymont, DE

The Auk is a bird found in the Atlantic Ocean that looks a bit like a penguin.

Total Votes: 2,371


Camden, DE

According to legend, Ceasar Rodney, whom the school is named after and served in the Continental Congress, rode 70 miles through a thunderstorm on July 1, 1776, and arrived in Philadelphia just in time to break the deadlock among Delaware's...

Total Votes: 112


Dover, DE

Dover, of course, is Delware's capital, and the home of the First State's Senate.

Total Votes: 63

Green Knights

Wilmington, DE

Around 1950, a student committee was formed to choose an identity for Mount Pleasant High School, and they settled on the Green Knight of Arthurian legend. The school's football uniforms were patterned after Michigan State's.

Total Votes: 664


Wilmington, DE

Salesianum, which opened in 1903, doesn't have an official mascot or nickname, but their athletic teams are often reffered to as the Sallies, a derivative of the school name.

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