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Box Elder
Brigham City, Utah
Bear River
Garland, Utah
Total votes for this Rivalry: 1,032

Dating back to 1959, this is the oldest rivalry in the state of Utah. The Bees and the Bears have faced off in the "Battle for the Golden Spike" a total of 93 times with Box Elder taking the most recent, 55-28.

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Pueblo, Colo.
Pueblo, Colo.
Total votes for this Rivalry: 269

Located just seven miles apart, Centennial and Central kicked off the oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi in 1881. In 1950, the teams started playing for a bell trophy, which the winning team gets to paint their school colors and keep for a year. More than 15,000 fans usually attend the game, which Central leads 55-49-9 overall (34-28-2 since the bell trophy came into play).

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Douglas, Ariz.
Bisbee, Ariz.
Total votes for this Rivalry: 215,439

This rivalry began in 1906, when Bisbee defeated Douglas 7-6. The coveted Copper Pick has been awarded to the winner of the game since 1945. Until 1955, the teams met twice a season; once before Thanksgiving and once on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year's meeting marked the 143rd game in the series.

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New Orleans, La.
Holy Cross
New Orleans, La.
Total votes for this Rivalry: 122

Having played every year since 1922, Jesuit vs. Holy Cross is a rivalry so intense it stays with players long after their glory days. Just ask Ronald Gravois, who played for Jesuit from 1954-55 and now manages a website,, solely dedicated to chronicling the rivalry. Jesuit leads the series 54-38-1.

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Las Cruces
Las Cruces, N.M.
Las Cruces, N.M.
Total votes for this Rivalry: 220,459

Dating back to 1967, the popularity of the state's most intense high school rivalry inspired a documentary, "Cruces Divided". The annual matchup is played in November at New Mexico State and draws a crowd pushing 30,000.

Longview, Texas
Marshall, Texas
Total votes for this Rivalry: 144

In the middle of the hottest part of Texas is where this rivalry lives. It has been noted by Maxim magazine as the 14th-best rivalry in the country. This rivalry has a long history, famous alumni and legendary games. The game between these two schools is known to define both communities and their citizens. It has been generation after generation of kids going against each other in this epic matchup.