Results for Best Girls Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 129

Anthony Jones

Orlando, FL

In five years Jones has put together a 138-23 record with three state titles. His team also has won the National High School Invitational twice.

Total Votes: 61

Carla Harris Curry

Miami, FL

Curry has won two state titles and produced three second place finishes during her 14-year career. Her record is 364-79.

Total Votes: 39

Gretg Hostetler

Titusville, FL

Hostetler has a 32-year record of 626-263 with three state championships and one runner-up finish.

Total Votes: 30,211

John Harder

Bradenton, FL

During 29 years, Harder has fashioned a 687-185 record with two state titles and one runner-up finish.

Total Votes: 41

Marcia Pinder

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Pinder is Florida's No. 1 winner with an 833-177 record and eight state titles in 36 years. She has sent teams to 11 Final Four.

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