Results for Best Girls Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 74

Carl Buggs

Long Beach, CA

Buggs has won five Division I state titles, including four in a row from 2006 to 2009. In 14 years he has fashioned a 398-68 record.

Total Votes: 10

Jeff Sink

Brea, CA

Sink's career record is 765-360 with four state titles. He also has coached his team to a pair of national championships.

Total Votes: 38

Kevin Kiernan

Santa Ana, CA

Kiernan has won six state titles and two national titles and has a 23-year record of 646-112. He also has been named National Coach of the Year by three different organizations.

Total Votes: 15

Sue Phillips

San Jose, CA

Phillips has won five state titles and has put together a 20-year record of 581-103. She also was named USA Basketball Development Coach of the Year in 2013.

Total Votes: 9

Terri Bamford

La Jolla, CA

During her 15-year career, Bamford has fashioned a 463-185 record. She also has won a total of three state titles.

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