Results for Best Girls Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 6,404

Clay Reeves

Greenwood, AR

Reeves has coached five state champions and three runner-up teams. His 25-year record is 573-203.

Total Votes: 9

Daryl Fimple

North Little Rock, AR

Fimple has won a pair of state titles and one runner-up finish. In 15 years he has posted a 321-79 record.

Total Votes: 8

John Hutchcraft

Guy, AR

During 36 full seasons, Hutchcraft has compiled a 902-214 record with five state titles and seven second place finishes.

Total Votes: 11

Lahoma Howard

Little Rock, AR

Howard has won four state titles and had two second-place finishes in 10 years. Her career record is 259-51.

Total Votes: 13

Rickey Smith

Fort Smith, AR

Smith has won six state titles and finished second three times. In 21 years he has compiled a 523-107 record.

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