Results for Best Boys Basketball Program 2015

Total Votes: 37


Bismarck, ND

Bismarck last won a state title in 2010, but the Demons have built quite a legacy, despite a relative drought. They have won a dozen state titles and made state tourney appearances every year since 1994, when Bismarck also won a state champ...

Total Votes: 2


Bismarck, ND

Last year, Century set a school record for most wins in a season (23). The school has enjoyed a resurgence under coach Darin Mattern, who started this season 92-30 as its leader. The Patriots won a state title in 2011 and have been to the t...

Total Votes: 31


Fargo, ND

The school opened in 2011, and the Eagles qualified for a state hoops tournament for the first time in 2013. But Davies won a championship last year and the Eagles are currently ranked as one of the top North Dakota programs in the state....

Total Votes: 3


Minot, ND

Minot isn’t necessarily at the top of the North Dakota hoops pack these days, as it hasn’t won a state title since 1999. But the fans in “Magic City” -- a nod to quick development in railroad days -- have one of the top-ranked squad...

Total Votes: 10


Wahpeton, ND

Wahpeton is considered one of the top teams in the state this year, and it is hoping to build upon an historical resurgence. The Huskies have been to the state tournament four times since 2008 after much more sporadic appearances through th...

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