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Woodward, OK

The school's nickname and logo pay tribue to the city's pioneer days, when its open spaces were used primarily for raising cattle. Boomers is the name given to settlers who attempted to enter the Unassigned Lands in what is now the state of...

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Claremore, OK

The mascot derives from the school's first uniform, which featured red and white vertical stripes. When dressed in uniform, the school's athletes looked like zebras, so the town thought, and thereafter coined the mascot.

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Dewey, OK

Dewey had one of the largest rodeo grounds in the nation until 1948. The mascot is derived from rodeo sport, known as "Bulldogging" a steer. It was founded by Bill Pickett, who would bite the ear off the steer, which in turn helped get it t...

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Bray, OK

The town of Bray was named for its first postmaster. The word bray is defined as the loud, harsh cry of a donkey, hence the animal serving as the school's athletic nickname.

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Eufaula, OK

Two stories surround the tale of this school's mascot. One is that a former coach returned from a war with a metal plate in his head. To honor the coach, the school elected an ironhead as its mascot. The second version is that the mascot wa...

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Miami, OK

As its name implies, dogs have a history in combat; they were used in the trenches during World World I. Dogs were used for protection and for search and rescue missions. Miami honors the courageous work of a wardog with its mascot.

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Newcastle, OK

Newcastle High School's current athletic nickname was created some time in the 1950s by the then-principal and a few of the school's teachers. They all thought it was time for the school's moniker to change, and all liked the sport of drag ...

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Wright City, OK

Wright City is a lumber town, hence the mascot of a man with an axe.