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Centralia Orphans
Centralia, IL
Total votes for this Mascot: 210,621

There are varying accounts of how Centralia High School was given their nickname, the Orphans. Most notably, a Chicago sportswriter said "they looked like a bunch of orphans but they sure could play basketball". During the great depression, Centralia High School and community was hit hard. The team was forced to wear uniforms that were reduced to rags. In the 1970's Centralia introduced girls athletics to the school and it was only fitting to name them the Orphan Annies.

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Chinook Sugarbeeters
Chinook, MT
Total votes for this Mascot: 1,508

The town's livelihood was built around sugarbeet production, but the sugarbeet doesn't exactly strike fear in many opponents. So the mascot's look has changed over the years, and now the school has arrived at a much more ferocious-looking vegetable.

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Bray-Doyle Donkeys
Bray, OK
Total votes for this Mascot: 64,764

The town of Bray was named for its first postmaster. The word bray is defined as the loud, harsh cry of a donkey, hence the animal serving as the school's athletic nickname.

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St. Marys Area Flying Dutch
St. Marys, PA
Total votes for this Mascot: 115,951

St Marys was founded by German immigrants in 1842. Deutsch is the German language word for German. This word was pronounced by English speakers as "Dutch." In the 1920s, the school mascot was the Dutchmen. At some point in the school's history, the word flying was attached to the nickname for an unknown reason. As they say in Dutch country, "If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much."



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Terryville Kangaroos
Terryville, CT
Total votes for this Mascot: 58,232

It's many, many miles from Australia, but Terryville got its nickname from a cheerleader who brought her stuffed kangaroo to practices and games. It became a lucky charm and a tradition so strong that the original rests safely in a display case and an 8-foot kangaroo statue stands magestically in front of the school.

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Gilmour Academy Lancers
Gates Mills, OH
Total votes for this Mascot: 10,453

In keeping with the English architectural style of Gilmour's main building, Tudor House, the Lancer was selected as the mascot. In English tradition, the Lancer was the iconic image of a warrior. In the school's early years, the mascot was brought to life by a student dressed in armor on horseback until, on one occasion, the rider fell off and the horse escaped the campus boundaries, only to be found later in a wooded area of town. Since then, the mascot has been horseless. In 2013, a modern version of the Lancer debuted, and after a vote by the student body, was named Sir Lancelot.


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Morse Shipbuilders
Bath, ME
Total votes for this Mascot: 15,040

Morse is located in Bath, which has a loooong history of building ships. The area has been known for its ship-building since 1607. And the heritage continues today - Bath is home to Bath Iron Works, a shipyard specializing in designing, building and supporting ships for the U.S. Navy. Bath Iron Works is also one of the state's top employers, making the Shipbuilders name appropriate.

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Deering Northern Lights
Deering, AK
Total votes for this Mascot: 6,373

The famous Northern Lights traditionally are seen in Alaska and are very predominant in this area of the state. The Northern Lights are part of the culture, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks even has a continuous Northern Lights forecast to check out.

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St. Mary's Episcopal School Turkeys
Memphis, TN
Total votes for this Mascot: 8,821

Founded in 1847 and once known as Belles (as in Southern Belles), St. Mary's became the turkeys in 1975. Two seniors - Lisa Morrow Morten and Crissy Garrett Haslam, had brothers who attended Memphis University School (all boys) and the student body unofficially changed the school mascot from an owl to a buzzard. The girls decided it would be a great idea to have an unofficial mascot for St. Mary's, too. So they went the humorous route, and rallied to change the mascot to Turkeys. It started as a joke and ended up as the St. Mary's mascot - and it has been embraced in a big way ever since - they've even created a turkey tango that has been caught on video.

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Yuma Criminals
Yuma, AZ
Total votes for this Mascot: 39,926

The Criminals might steal the ball, but not your lunch money. After Yuma's original school building burned down in 1910, classes were held in the cellblocks of the vacated Yuma Territorial Prison.

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