Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 30,284


Fair Lawn, NJ

As the story goes, back in the day a bunch of football players cut class and got suspended for the first half of their next game. Once they got into the game in the second half, Fair Lawn pulled out a win. The local newspapers said that "Cu...

Total Votes: 1,313


Phillipsburg, NJ

Phillipsburg went with this mascot because the school is located on the edge of the Delaware River, across from Pennsylvania. It is more commonly referred to simply as the Liners.

Total Votes: 21,694

Garnet Gull

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

The Garnet Gull was the winner of a reader poll for Best Mascot at the Shore in the Asbury Park Press. While 40-plus teams throughout the country have gull or seagull in their name, Point Beach was the only Garnet Gull.

Total Votes: 9,665


Red Bank, NJ

The mascot name was adopted when Joseph T. Casey donated his military pension to fund sports teams at Red Bank Catholic.

Total Votes: 141

Iron Mikes

Trenton, NJ

The mascot is in honor of Michael McCorristin, who initiated the opening of the school back in the 1960s. Legendary stories abound how "Iron Mike" McCorristin was usually found at the school site -- laying tile, putting up sheetrock, moving...

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