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Awesome Blossoms

Blooming Prairie, MN

When Blooming Prairie would travel to nearby Austin in the early 1900s, the Austin paper would refer to the squad as "the boys from blossom town." That's how "Blossom" came to be. Then, after several failed attempts to change the name, a st...

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Jordan, MN

Jordan gets its nickname because the town was the railroad hub of Scott County back when trains were prevalent. Of course, Hubmen doesn't really work for girls' sports, and Hubwomen just sounds silly. So the female teams at Jordan go by the...

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Minneapolis, MN

Roosevelt isn't exactly a unique school name. But Minnesota's Roosevelt embraces the school's namesake - President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt - like none other with its Teddies mascot. The logo is a cartoonish teddy bear wearing a varsity s...

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Sauk Centre, MN

Following a road game at Alexandria in 1926, a reporter referred to Sauk Centre as the Mainstreeters. To this day, Sauk Centre isn't sure if the reporter was being sarcastic, or not. But the name stuck. And why not? Sauk Centre is hometown ...

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Winona, MN

Winona isn't home to a rare breed of hawks. Rather Winhawks is a nice play on words that transforms the stereotypical "Hawks" mascot into a winning proposition. Blackhawks. Seahawks. Plain-old Hawks. They have nothing on the Winhawks. Winon...

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