Results for Best Mascot 2013

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Centralia, IL

There are varying accounts of how Centralia High School was given their nickname, the Orphans. Most notably, a Chicago sportswriter said "they looked like a bunch of orphans but they sure could play basketball". During the great depression,...

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Cobden, IL

In 1964 when Cobden made the state basketball playoffs, an opposing fan made the comment, "Whoever heard of a bunch of Appleknockers winning such a thing"? The name stuck and the school has been the Appleknockers ever since. Cobden is locat...

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Hoopeston, IL

The Cornjerker nickname was given to the Hoopeston High School sports teams around 1920 by Bob Poisall, a local sportswriter. A cornjerker was a laborer that pulled or jerked the ears of corn from the stock before modern machines were built...

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Polo, IL

Polo High School wasn't always known as the Marcos. At one time they were called the Apostles. No one knows why the school decided to change its nickname, but in 1939 the school held a vote and Marcos won with 163 votes, with the official m...

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Wooden Shoes

Teutopolis, IL

In 1935, local fans and businessmen gave Coach J.H. Griffin a pair of wooden shoes carved by a local shoemaker, George Deymann. Deymann spent the majority of his life making shoes for residents of Teutopolis, which were worn during the wint...

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