Results for Best Mascot 2013

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Wampus Cats

Clark Fork, ID

The wampus cat is a Native American legend about a mythical beast that wandered the Cabinet Mountains that surround Clark Fork. This was no cuddly kitty though, as Mr. Wampus preferred to dine on humans. What set this mythical creature apar...

Total Votes: 201

Cutthroat Trout

Sun Valley, ID

The mascot goes back to 1984 when the school did not have a mascot, despite being in existence for a decade. The yearbook staff ran a contest and one of the submissions was the cutthroat trout, which is a popular fish in the area. Plenty of...

Total Votes: 91


Kuna, ID

Yes, there are caves around the Kuna area, but what sets this nickname and mascot apart is the fact that Kuna decided to spell it with a K - school officials said they are fond of spelling anything possible with a K. Kwite klever, Kavemen.

Total Votes: 28,041


Orofino, ID

The assumption is that the school was named Maniacs because of the state psychiatric hospital in Orofino. But school officials and historians are quick to point out the nickname predates the hospital. According to the school, this is the or...

Total Votes: 183


Shelley, ID

A russet is a type of potato, and what state rocks potatoes better than Idaho? Potato farmers are the mainstay of this rural community and russets are the resource. Shelley has had mascots dressed in potato sacks and recently introduced a n...

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