Results for Best Mascot 2013

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Price, UT

Numerous dinosaur fossils have been found in the area, hence the name "Dino". The school's active mascot during games is a Tyrannosaurus Rex....

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Centralia, IL

There are varying accounts of how Centralia High School was given their nickname, the Orphans. Most notably, a Chicago sportswriter said "they looked like a bunch of orphans but they sure could play b...

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Chinook, MT

The town's livelihood was built around sugarbeet production, but the sugarbeet doesn't exactly strike fear in many opponents. So the mascot's look has changed over the years, and now the school has ar...

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Annapolis, MD

The Key School’s unusual nickname dates to the 1970s, when local sportswriters told the school it needed a mascot. Key, which prides itself on doing things a bit differently, settled on Obezags. You...

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West Hartford, CT

A Wyvern is a legendary creature with the head of a dragon, wings, talons of an eagle, two legs with a tail of a snake and breaths poison. The origin is from the Old French wyvern, which means both vi...

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Memphis, TN

Founded in 1847 and once known as Belles (as in Southern Belles), St. Mary's became the turkeys in 1975. Two seniors - Lisa Morrow Morten and Crissy Garrett Haslam, had brothers who attended Memphis U...