Results for Best Football Program 2014

Total Votes: 8


Bellevue, WA

Coach Butch Goncharoff considered leaving the Wolverines in 2012. He applied for the job at Orange Lutheran in California. Bellevue may be best known throughout the country as the team that ousted California power De La Salle’s national-r...

Total Votes: 1,150


Bothell, WA

A petition went out before the 2013-14 school year, as Bothell’s head coach was going to have his teaching day shifted around, split between a couple of district schools. The claim was that Tom Bainter’s job “just got a lot more diffi...

Total Votes: 31


Lynden, WA

Lynden has won a state title for three consecutive years, and hasn’t budged in support since it bumped down a classification in 2006. The booster-club support is prevalent, and with proceeds from their annual fundraiser a few years ago, L...

Total Votes: 6


Sammamish, WA

This year hasn’t been up to Skyline’s proud history -- it has even included a 56-0 loss. But it’s a program that posted seven state titles since 2000 (last in 2012) and has been a regular visit for top-level college coaches. Standout ...

Total Votes: 78


Tumwater, WA

Tumwater is one of those places that could fit right in as part of Texas. The Thunderbirds have won three state titles since 1990, but they are just as known for frenzied fan support. The “Nest” of a student section draws in the Thursto...

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