Results for Best Boys Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 10,420

Brendan O'Connell

Greenbelt, MD

In just eight years, O'Connell has compiled a 171-45 record. Last year's team won the Class 4A state title with a 27-1 record and he was named Washington Post All-Met Coach of the Year.

Total Votes: 12

Dan Harwood

Rockville, MD

In 28 years, Harwood has put together a 446-206 record with two Class 4A state titles. His 27-0 team in 2000-2001 was named first in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Total Votes: 83

Herman Harried

Baltimore, MD

Harried's team has notched a state championship in three different classes. In 17 years he has compiled a record of 316-96.

Total Votes: 8

Louis Wilson

Upper Marlboro, MD

Wilson's 27-year record is 556-216. While at Largo he guided his team to the Class 4A state title in 1993.

Total Votes: 9,703

Mike Silverman

Baltimore, MD

In his only year as head coach, Silverman guided his team to a 26-2 record and the Class 3A state title. As a JV coach during four years he put together a 74-4 record.

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Total Votes: 3

Robert Garner

Upper Marlboro, MD

In six years,  Garner has posted a 115-36 record. His team was second in the state in 2009 and reached the semifinals in 2011.