Results for Best Boys Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 56,889

Cedric Lane

Birmingham, AL

In 9 years he has compiled a 227-75 record, which includes the last 3 Class 5A state titles.

Total Votes: 50,992

Jack Doss

Huntsville, AL

He has posted a 690-310 record in 36 seasons. He shares the record with 7 state titles.

Total Votes: 51

James Jackson

Montgomery, AL

He has compiled a 411-77 record over the last 21 years. His team is the defending Class 6A state champion and has placed second 3 times.

Total Votes: 5,019

Mike Mitchell

Florence, AL

In 6 years he has put together a 135-48 record and taken 2 teams to the Final 4. He also coached girls for 25 years and won 8 state titles.

Total Votes: 26

Raymond White

Clayton, AL

He has put together a 37-year record of 731-267, which includes 3 state titles.

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Total Votes: 39

Richard Robertson

Andalusia, AL

He has a 727-351 record in 38 seasons. He won the Class 5A state title (32-4) in 1996 and finished second in 1989.