Results for Asics Ultimate Athlete 2013

Total Votes: 90,733

Amanda Gross

Ida S. Baker High School-Cape Coral

Devotion to all athletic events! Gives every ounce of effort at every practice, match, tournament and sporting event every time. Never in the eight years of athletic events has Amanda ever given up or...

Total Votes: 74,303

Nicholas Ames

Williamsville North High School

I have recorded 114 tackles this year, garnered 5 sacks and blocked 2 field goals, one which helped my team win the game. I work hard and play hard.....My goal is to play D1 football and someday make ...

Total Votes: 22,224

sherry coffey

Urbana High School

Patrick is a starter for 3 Varsity sports, Football, Basketball and Lacrosse. He maintains a weighted 3.8 GPA and is a member of the National Honor Society. He has also been named a Captain for each...

Total Votes: 38,041

Prudence Flores

Denver North High School

Prudence is an ultimate athlete because she is an all-around athlete and academic student. Prudence attends CEC Middle College of Denver. Since CEC does not have sports she chose to play for Denver No...