Results for Asics Ultimate Athlete 2013

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Nansemond River HS

Devon is carrying a 3.0 GPA (overall) and has scored over 1,000 on SAT (and wants to take again for even better score). He is a tireless worker on the basketball court as he almost always stays after ...

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Jacob Hovey

South Lyon East HS

Jacob Hovey plays both Varsity Lacrosse and Varsity football while maintaining a 3.90 GPA. He led his Lacrosse team to the State Semi-Finals in June, beating Catholic Central for the first time in tea...

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Kyle McLagan

Rockhurst High School

In 2012, I was asked as a Junior to play Central Defender for Varsity. This was not my regular position, however, I helped in getting the team to a Final Four. In 2013 I was chosen by both my coaches ...

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Logan Kelly Orr

Morris Hills HS

Logan is the ASICS Ultimate Athlete because of her perseverance. Participating in sports was not her first option because she rally wanted to be a cheerleader - but she chose Cross Country in her Sop...