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Dominique Cooks

Decatur High School
Federal Way, WA
Age 18
Class of 2014


Basketball, Football


Dominique Cooks was an amazing athlete for our school, both in basketball and football, before a brain tumor took away his ability to play. Although his body did not allow him to play anymore, his mind continues to inspire his teammates, his school and his community. One of his last wishes was to play football again, the story below in the Federal Way Mirror and the Seattle Times talks about how an agreement between the schools allowed Dom to score a touchdown at his senior year homecoming game. He was on the sideline for every football and basketball game this year. He has become a motivational force in our school - even performing a speaking engagement at a neighboring high school. He is the most optimistic person I have every met. When once asked, "what are you thankful for?" Dom replied, "My tumor - for teaching me how to fight, and Decatur - for teaching me how to love". Even though his health is deteriorating, he is teaching his teammates and his school how to live. Dominique's tumor has given him only weeks to live. We hosted his graduation two weeks ago preparing for his death and again trying to honor his dying wish. He is such an inspiration as he has battled this disease. His attitude, courage, strength, humor and a gift that he has given our school.


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