Results for Asics Ultimate Athlete 2013

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Alex Strafer

Auburn Public Schools

Alex was born with a 6% chance of survival. He was expected to spend his first Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital but he overcame the odds and was able to come home in just 14 days. Today when...

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Aliyah Stephens

Paul VI High School

Aliyah is the ultimate athlete because she gives her all in everything. Aliyah currently holds a black belt in Kempo Karate. She is working on a black in Soo Bahk Do Karate. Her AAU basketball team...

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Briana Sanville

Arvada West High School

Briana (Bee) played dual sports basketball and softball since she was five. Once Briana went into highs school she decided to focus on softball. Briana has competed at a high level and has overcome ...

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Lisa Sargent

Bronxville High School

Claire is a great leader on and off the field. She is captain of Field Hockey Basketball and Track and Field. Claire is an all American shot put for the last three years and will be co-captain of the...

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Daniel Sauers

Lakewood HS

In a time when it seems harder and harder to get kids to commit to competing for their school, or when so many athletes have chosen to individualize their athletic career, Daniel has chosen to represe...

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Emily Santana

Springfield DELCO High School

Emily Santana is a junior in Springfield High school, Delaware County PA. Emily is a varsity Soccer and Lacrosse player for her school; she is a leader on the field and off. Emily is such an important...

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Jereme Santistevan

Pojoaque MS/HS

Jereme is a 3 sport athlete Cross country in the fall, basketball in the winter and Track in the spring. In Cross Country he is a state champion 2 team 2 individual and 1 individual track in the 2 mi...

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Max Silberg

Fox Chapel Area Senior High School

Max has been playing soccer since he was 4. Not only has he enjoyed this journey- he has not stopped working everyday to make himself a better player on and off of the field. He has made a diffence on...

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Micaela Rodas

Stroudsburg High School

An Ultimate Athlete does not have to be the person who wins all the awards. Sometimes that is only possible because that person was born with that gift. Other athletes are made solely from the hard ...

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Michael Swarthout

Lake Shore High School

Michael has been an athlete since he was very young. As he got older, his skill level in soccer has grown along with him. He started playing soccer at age 6 and is hoping to continue in college. Wh...

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Ryan Rizzuto

Pennington School

An athlete is one who is trained to proficiency in sports and other forms of skill. Ryan started swimming competitively at the age of five and ran track for his grade school in first grade. Although R...

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Shylee Schmeltz

Gibsonburg Middle/High School

I have a positive upbeat attitude! I bring humor to my team as well as talent. I am an awesome short stop! I make plays that make everyone ask " How did she do that"!...

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Stephanie Sparano

Hamilton West H.S.

My daughter Stephanie is not only an exceptional athlete, she excels in the classroom as well. She is on her way to lettering in Soccer, Swimming and Lacrosse for all four years in high school. She ...