Results for Asics Ultimate Athlete 2013

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Andrew Kirschenman

Elkton/LB High School

Andrew Kirschenman as an 8th grader wanted to be a kicker for the High school team and someday kick in college. He was left footed and hurt his leg so he started kicking right footed. He practice all ...

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Cole Hedlund

Argyle High School

Cole Hedlund is now the national high school record holder for career field goals with 51 after kicking 5 in the first round of the Texas State High School Class 3A football playoffs. Argyle (11-0) a...

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Cole Henderson

Pekin High School

Cole is an outstanding person and student. His accolades speak for themselves athletically, but what you cannot see is the respect that he receives from his fellow students, teammates, teachers, admi...

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Julie Smith

DeKalb High School

Dylan Hottsmith is a senior at DeKalb High School and in all of his 4 years in high school has played at the varsity level in a variety of sports. His freshman year, he played JV Football and he earn...

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Gabrielle Kishbaugh

Berwick Area High School

I believe my daughter Gabrielle is considered an Ultimate Athlete. She spends countless hours in the gym at 5am lifting and conditioning with her Dad as well practicing for soccer and basketball on a ...

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Jacob Hovey

South Lyon East HS

Jacob Hovey plays both Varsity Lacrosse and Varsity football while maintaining a 3.90 GPA. He led his Lacrosse team to the State Semi-Finals in June, beating Catholic Central for the first time in tea...

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Rosemary Hayes

Sevier County High School

Joseph Hayes # 26 SCH Varsity Football Motto :Never Stop Never Quit. Faith Fight Finish.Winning isn't everything, but it sure beats losing when you know you can do it. I play with injuries,bumps, br...

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Kevin Jones

Portage High School

I am an underdog who thrives! Encouraging team comradery and unification, you can create a winning bond that cannot be beat on the field or off. I am a Senior starting pitcher for my high school var...

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Gregg Hibbeler

Park Hill High School

The following is an excerpt of my story as written by Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star (Soccer is a sanctuary in teens fight to kick cancer - 11/2/13) Three months ago, I was diagnosed with testic...

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Peyton Kent

Souhegan High School

Beyond the fact that I feel that soccer is an ultimate sport because of the lack of time outs, the length of the game and the range of physical talents necessary to play, I individually feel like the ...

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Rikki Keene

Garden City Middle School

Rikki is a very dedicated team player. She is a all around athlete, always goes the extra mile to learn and help her team mates. Rikki plays varsity volleyball and varsity softball in high school and ...

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Xavier King Jr.

Bayside HS

Xavier was reconized as one of the top 400 meter/ 200 meter runner in the Eastern region. Eastern has some the nations best and Xavier has recorded 47.79 and recorded 200 at 22.09....