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Davison High School

Dylan will be the starting point guard on the boys varsity basketball team this school year as a freshman for Davison High School (class A). He recently participated in the (invitation only) Michigan...

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Alec Eberle

Atlee High School

I am nominating my nephew Alec Eberle for the Ultimate Athlete of the Year. For as long as I can remember he wanted to play football, and through alot of adversity and tons of hard work he has made h...

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Azure Fernsler

Wilson High School

Azure had 2 knee surgeries. Her right knee was operated on during the month of July 2012 and her left knee was operated on during Sept. 2012. For approximately 6 months she was confined to a recliner...

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Craig Carmilani

Westwood Regional Sr High School

I'm the Asics Ultimate Athlete because not only do I excel on the football field and wrestling mat I also excel in the classroom. Like the Asics brand of shoes both my workout sneakers and my wrestli...

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Emily Daveant

North Ridgeville High School

Emily strives to play Collegiate Volleyball. She works out every day at the gym after school on her own and with team mates. She is Captain and MVP of her high school Varsity Volleyball team. She c...

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Hannah Rae Finchamp


Simply put, I love what I do. I exude a passion for life which makes it impossible for me to do anything 'half-way.' This is why I have pushed myself to compete in high school cross country, mountai...

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Kiya DeWitt

Pittsburg High School

Coming from a K-12 school of 105 students, I played and started on all three of the Varsity sports offered in the 7th grade. I am only going to talk about one, my favorite, sport which is soccer. As a...

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Kate Cornelio

St. Dominic Academy

Kristina has always strived, from a very young age, to be the best student/athlete she can. Kristina is a straight A student. She plays three sports at school -soccer, hockey and lacrosse- and she ex...

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Lydia Dennis

Mars HS

I was a Captain and varsity starter for the Mars HS Fightin' Lady Planets soccer team this past season. During my 4 years as a member of this team , we have achieved the following stats:84 wins/ 5 los...

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sherry coffey

Urbana High School

Patrick is a starter for 3 Varsity sports, Football, Basketball and Lacrosse. He maintains a weighted 3.8 GPA and is a member of the National Honor Society. He has also been named a Captain for each...

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Prudence Flores

Denver North High School

Prudence is an ultimate athlete because she is an all-around athlete and academic student. Prudence attends CEC Middle College of Denver. Since CEC does not have sports she chose to play for Denver No...

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Stacia Fester

Churubusco High School

My Daughter Stacia is the utlimate athlete for her drive to never give up. On 5/20/2013 we were told that Stacia would have a spinal fusion from T4 to L2 from a 45 degree thorasic scoliosis curve. S...