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Alivia Brown

Bellarmine Preparatory School

Before picking up golf I used to be a dedicated soccer and basketball player. Both sports I played on select teams and played all the way up to my freshmen year in high school. After playing on the JV...

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Bo Burkhart

Bosse High School

First team all siac and city as a sophomore second team all siac and city as junior and what ever he was this year fo Soccer! Honorable mention all state in basketball and ftball as a junior! Honorabl...

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Gordie Rolison

Ponte Vedra HS

Dillon the son of Dallas Cowboy great Bill Bates, has been a 4 year starter from Ponte Vedra High school and is THE ASIC'S ULTIMATE ATHLETE. While at Ponte Verda he has lettered n Varsity Football, We...

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Elijah Bowie

Columbus Crusaders

As a sophomore I was unanimously voted captain for the next season. Fourth game I tore my ACL, MCL, and Meniscus. I rehabbed so hard in the off-season and cut my recovery time from a year to six month...

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Erin Briggs

Dulaney HS

Erin is a two sport starting varsity player in Volleyball and Basketball and has an extremely hard work ethic. She is always one of the first to the gym and last one to leave. She is the ultimate tea...

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Ethan Capobianco

Saline HS

Ethan is an Ultimate Athlete. He has from an early age played multiple sports. Ethan plays baseball on a triple A travel team. He playedfor the first time last season at catcher. He soon became the pr...

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Hanna Bogorowski

Germantown Academy

I am a 3-Sport varsity athlete at Germantown Academy, lettering in Volleyball, Track and Lacrosse. I was voted MVP of my lacrosse team, named First-Team All-Interac, and am among the leading scorers ...

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Monica Behrle

East Paulding High School

Monica is the Asics Ultimate Athlete for reasons that go beyond her sport. She began playing tennis at age 4 and at age 9 began playing in USTA tournaments. She has 8 years of tournament experience, i...

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Nicholas Ames

Williamsville North High School

I have recorded 114 tackles this year, garnered 5 sacks and blocked 2 field goals, one which helped my team win the game. I work hard and play hard.....My goal is to play D1 football and someday make ...

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Jane Ames

Frontier Regional School

Every time we go out and play we are being watched. We may not realize it but someone, possibly a young impressionable person, is observing what we do and how we act. My behavior may have a signific...

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Rachel Andrade


Rachel is unbelievable! Talk about an athlete! She is a ninja on the field and is unstoppable. Due to her size, most teams start off the game with smaller palyers defending her. After the game sta...

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Turner Andrews

Alexander HS

This young man goes from one sport to another and never lets up. He always gives it 100 percent. He plays football and baseball at his high school and then plays hockey as a club varsity sport in th...

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Tyra Abdalla

Abington Heights High School

I have played Varsity tennis from my Freshman Year. Undefeated in my district Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Year. Lost only at State Level. Record currently is 50-4.(est.) District Champion 2012 and 201...