Results for Asics Ultimate Athlete 2013

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alex louin

Mt ST Joseph acdemy

My commitment to practice of 4-5 hours a day sets me apart from peers. I am determined to improve and am willing to work hard 7 days a week. Performance on and off the court is important to me-teach...

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Britney Meeker

Lake-Lehman Junior/Senior High School

She has been playing softball since she was 6 and plays for her high plus a traveling team. She gives the game all she can and never gives up. She loves the sport. She can play almost any position the...

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Charles Lundelius

Landon School

Trey is a 3 season Varsity athlete and has been since his sophomore year (Water Polo, Swimming and Lacrosse). He was a Varsity athlete in Swimming his freshman year as well.He has attained regional an...

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Evan Lang

Central Regional High School

Being a good athlete encompasses on-the-court performance. An ULTIMATE athlete, however, is required to be a good athlete on the court while maintaining a healthy balance among academics, athletics, a...

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Gabriella Mascaro

Fairmont Senior HS

I think I am a deserving candidate for the Asics Ultimate Athlete because I give better than 100 in everything that I do. I have been a four year leader on my high school team and made a significant ...

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Joshua Lehrberger

Sun Valley HS/Northley MS

There are many facets of me that make me an Asics Ultimate Athlete. I participate in a variety of sports and am able to balance strong academics and volunteering with my athletic pursuits. I have play...

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Katelyn Martin

Chillicothe High School

Being an athlete is one thing but being a Type 1 diabetic and playing sports is another. During time outs or between sets you have to check your blood sugar and make changes by taking insulin if I'm ...

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Kyle McLagan

Rockhurst High School

In 2012, I was asked as a Junior to play Central Defender for Varsity. This was not my regular position, however, I helped in getting the team to a Final Four. In 2013 I was chosen by both my coaches ...

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Levi Long

Waldron High School

Levi is a great quarterback, defensive floater and an awesome team leader. He led our young team to a playoff birth after starting 1-3. Levi takes care of his team on and off the field. Weather he...

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Mandi Longeway

Rossford High School

Mandi has played and loved softball since she was in 3rd grade. Pitching came natural to her. When she was young she played on a travel team all the way up to 7th grade. Junior high she played for t...

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Ryan Milione

Newton North High School

Ryan is the ultimate sportsperson, a great team player, a highly skilled athlete with focused determination and grit. He is the current co-captain for the Newton North High School (Newtonville, MA)...

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Sammy Mireles

Elwood Community High School

He is the new Indiana career rushing leader for high school football. He passed Otis Shannon who had it for 13 years. He is the first player to reach the 8,000 yard mark in Indiana.He is also the onl...

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Taylor Moretz

East Davidson High School

Competes in track and field and volleyball, broke 4 school records in track and have competed in state championships in 3 different events. Past two years as track MVP.Offered a dual scholarship at di...