Results for Asics Ultimate Athlete 2013

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Decatur High School

Anna, a senior at Decatur, should be selected USA Today/Asics Ultimate Athlete based on her dedication to academics, community involvement, leadership and athletic performance. Anna holds a 3.9 GPA as...

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Nansemond River HS

Devon is carrying a 3.0 GPA (overall) and has scored over 1,000 on SAT (and wants to take again for even better score). He is a tireless worker on the basketball court as he almost always stays after ...

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Dylan Murphy

Whittier Christian

Dylan Murphy is the Asics Ultimate Athlete not only for his natural athletic abilities in football, soccer and track & field, as well as his incredible work ethic, but also because on 9/21/13, Dylan h...

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Julie Morrow

North Davidson High School

As a catcher, Eric's hustle and drive make him one of the most enjoyable players to watch on the field. His coaches would agree that his enthusiasm and love of baseball is infectious, often times enc...

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Gerson Parada

Los Angeles High School

I honestly know that im not the best athelete out there. I know there are kids faster and stronger than I am. Perhaps even kids younger than I am that are so much better. But the reason I believe I sh...

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Geri Rau

Concordia Jr/Sr High School

As a freshman, took his baseball team to the state championship. Varsity quarterback and a Straight A Student. An excellent role model for peer. He is dedicated to God, his studies and his athletics a...

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Jesenia Pineda

Desert Mirage

I am the Asics Ultimate Athelete because I am a dedicated and committed athlete who not only looks forward to being just an athlete but also being an example to other athletes....

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Lindsey Powers

Jupiter Christian School

Lindsey is a 3 sport athlete and she plays all 3 at a high level. Her favorite sport is basketball. She has been a varsity starter since 8th grade and team captain for 2 years. She will be a 1000 poin...

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Logan Kelly Orr

Morris Hills HS

Logan is the ASICS Ultimate Athlete because of her perseverance. Participating in sports was not her first option because she rally wanted to be a cheerleader - but she chose Cross Country in her Sop...

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Matthew Philichi

Bellarmine Preparatory School

Matthew is Bellarmine Preps varsity kicker. He consistently makes the long touchback kickoffs and field goals - often referred to as Mr. Clutch. His athleticism lets him power the ball down the fiel...

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Rachel Powell

Huntingtown High School

Senior serves 24 straight points in three-set sweep to advance to 3A South sectional final. It was like a made for TV movie.Something you're sure was fictional, maybe even with superhuman capabilities...

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Ryan Orlandini

Blanchet School

Ryan was a four year starter and leading scorer on Blanchets varsity soccer team. Ryan scored a total of 69 goals during his four years and was named to 1st team and was league MVP this year. Ryan pla...

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Teri Naslonski

Randolph High School

TT is the ultimate athlete! She has participated in the following sports: Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Soccer, Cheerleading. She is currently a freshman at Randolph High School. She will win 3 Varsity Le...