Results for National Guard Most Inspirational Athlete 2014

Total Votes: 37,603

Caitlyn Kearns

Huntington, NY

Caitlyn was hit by a car last year on the day of our kickoff party. At first we did not think it was too bad, just a broken leg and she was banged up. However, in the days that followed we found out that she had severe nerve and vein damage...

Total Votes: 10,000

Chance Marsteller

Red Lion, PA

Chance is an inspiration and positive influence for wrestlers throughout the country. As a member of his high school team, he leads by example and helps his fellow wrestlers work to their fullest potential. In the county, Chance has been a ...

Total Votes: 7,203

Karisha Jimenez

Lawrence, MA

Karisha's story is truly inspiring. During her sophomore year in high school she went home to find out there was no home. The apartment that Karisha, her mother and younger sister had rented was being foreclosed on. While mom was working sh...

Total Votes: 28,100

Michelle Mazza

Oakhurst, NJ

Michelle has overcome having an illness - and a tumor that almost killed her. During the Summer of 2013, she was admitted to a Boston area hospital while she was on vacation with her family. The initial diagnosis was thought to be pneumonia...

Total Votes: 845

Nick Martin

Carnegie, PA

Following an outstanding 6th grade youth football season in 2007, Nick was diagnosed with a heart condition and told by doctors that he would need to give up playing his beloved sport of football. After his diagnosis, Nick could have straye...

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