Results for National Guard Most Inspirational Athlete 2014

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Anjie Tilghman

Anjie suffered a torn ACL during the final game of her sophomore basketball season. Her goal was to have surgery and rehab before the following season. She accomplished that goal after a lot of hard work and determination.  Unfort...

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Brandon James Dean (JD) Weyant

Brandon "JD" Weyant's positive attitude and dedication is inspiring to all. I needed to replace a key member on the cheerleading squad. We've wanted to be co-ed for years, but have only been able to get one guy sporadically. JD, a varsity ...

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Brandon Vanderhoof

Brandon was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 10 after he had seizure. He endured countless testing and surgery thereafter, but part of the tumor was missed during the first round of surgeries. He had two seven-hour surgeries at NY...

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Britney Young

Brit is an outstanding student, athlete and friend. She helps coach younger players in the Upward Sports basketball league. The kids look up to her as a role model and for inspiration.  When the team around her gets down, she is the one w...

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Erin Turulski

Erin had major abdominal surgery six weeks before the swimming state championships in Delaware. We thought she was done for the season, but two weeks after surgery, she got back into the pool and had a month to prepare for the state meet. ...

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Total Votes: 25,923

Jacory Washington

Jacory is a blessing to all who come in contact with him. Jacory, an Under Armour All-American football player and LSU signee, is referred to as a gentle "Giant" for his a loving heart and spirit. When you look at him as an all-around stud...

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Jared Strait

Jared is an exceptionally talented, well-rounded, successful and coachable student-athlete. He leads by example on and off the field. Jared finds ways to help the team be better, even if it involves sitting the bench or being part of the pr...

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Katie Rose Sullivan

Katie Rose Sullivan started her career in athletics as a scrawny nine-year-old soccer player. She was tough on the field and always strived to do better as a forward. She played soccer until sophomore year of high school. She joined the wi...

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Luke Smorey

In summer of 2012, Luke became very ill while on vacation and was hospitalized in Maryland. The diagnosis was Group A Strep, an aggressive flesh eating bacteria. It was eating at his elbow from the inside out. There were moments when we w...

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Maggie Smither

Maggie Smither has been Lincoln High School's only goalkeeper since her freshman year. She has lead her team to second place at the state meet three times and had the most shut-outs this past season and the most shots on goal in her divisio...

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Michaela Sulley

Michaela was the only freshman to start on the girl's soccer and lacrosse teams. For soccer, she was named the "Most Improved Player" as a freshman, and for lacrosse, she earned honorable mention all-state. Unfortunately, she was not able t...

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Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith exhibits character beyond her years. After three challenging years of playing basketball, Rachel dedicated last summer to improving her skills enough to play at the college level.  She spent last summer traveling to camps, op...

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Sammy Wallace

Though Sammy was always one of the smaller players on the baseball team, he never seemed to notice. His belief in himself was above what others thought of him. I am in awe by his humility and integrity. Even as a freshman, he insisted on...

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Vassil Stoimenov

Vassil came to Atlantic Christian School as a sophomore from Bulgaria. He immediately fit in with our student body. His basketball skills are amazing, but what is inspiring is who Vassil is as a person. Each day Vassil goes into our element...