Results for National Guard Most Inspirational Athlete 2014

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Brian Allen

I've been playing sports since I was 5 years old. My family has been there to support me at every game, until the rough times started to come; my mom lost her job because of drug issues, we were forced to move to a small apartment that fit ...

Total Votes: 34

Brian Bell

Significant Event Heart racing, emotion rising, body hurting, crowd yelling as the announcer says, “Bell hears footsteps, can he hold on?" My competitors about 5 meters behind as I speed thru the finish line with the face of a killer...

Total Votes: 9,793

David Bodziony

David has spent his high school years trying to perform as much service work as possible. Our school has a ministry to the homeless of Cleveland called Labre. For the past 10 years, each and every Sunday, rain or shine, students from Saint ...

Total Votes: 7,324

Emily Berry

Emily has cheered for the Claremont School District for the past six years. She stays active and watches what she eats. She still wants to be a regular kid, going out for pizza and McDonald's occasionally, but is still always thinking about...

Total Votes: 40

Erin Briggs

Erin is an outstanding athlete by constantly being the cheerleader on the team. No matter how many minutes she gets on the court, Erin is always involved motivating and helping the other players on the team. She refuses to let others get do...

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Total Votes: 560

Haley Alpert

Haley's athletic passion keeps her flying through all obstacles in life. Nothing will ground her; not even years of back pain, restrictive back braces or one of the most difficult surgeries one can endure. Haley's greatest passion has alway...

Total Votes: 14

Innocent Anavberokhai

Works and volunteers for the Boys and Girls club of Lawrence. Also mentors at risks youth. And won Lawrence Kansas "Youth of the Year."

Total Votes: 126

Justin Austin

No matter what kind of mood or how much pain, Justin is willing to do anything he can do to help little kids. He will go out of his way to help others when needed. He loves to help out in his community and church. He does not talk negative...

Total Votes: 16

Katie Burkhart

I believe that Katie is a very inspirational athlete to others because of what she has been able to do through her talents. Katie's parents divorced when she was in elementary school so things never came easy for her. She put time and effo...

Total Votes: 13

LaTondra Brooks

Not only is she a role model at home and church, but LaTondra is one at her school. The team looks up to her even though she is often quiet on the court. She has played varsity basketball since the eighth grade. She has moved often with he...

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Total Votes: 14,550

Madison Altmyer

Madison Altmyer moved to Neshannock Township School District in August of 2007 entering school here in the fifth grade. In December of that same year her mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer and was treated with radiation and chem...

Total Votes: 19,219

Peter Butkus

I admire Peter Butkus so much and feel he is very deserving of this award. You see, Peter suffers from a degenerative eye disease called Stargardt Disease. He is legally blind and struggles everyday with his sight. He won't be able to do ma...

Total Votes: 11

Salah Boyce

I was once a hard headed child and did not live life with a purpose, but when I found Christ everything changed. My GPA increased greatly from a 2.0 to a 4.0 in one school year, and I have maintained a 3.8 for the past two years in high sc...

Total Votes: 13,078

Veronica Brueggman

Veronica (Roni) Brueggman is an exceptional person. She puts everything into whatever she is doing, whether it is playing volleyball, doing her school work, or helping with the community Girl Scouts. Roni is a senior at South Park High Sch...

Total Votes: 215

Willie Burton

Willie has a severe case of cerebral palsy, a nervous system disorder that affects movement, muscle tone and motor skills. He cannot walk and has limited use of his right arm. His head sometimes sways, and he often stutters. But none of tha...

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