Results for National Guard Most Inspirational Athlete 2014

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Caitlin (Caity) O'Leary

In the Summer of 2012, Caity had a significant knee injury during a lacrosse game. She had played in her 3rd game of the day (one Bay State game and two games for her club team). As she planted her left foot to shoot on goal, her patella di...

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Chance Marsteller

Chance is an inspiration and positive influence for wrestlers throughout the country. As a member of his high school team, he leads by example and helps his fellow wrestlers work to their fullest potential. In the county, Chance has been a ...

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Connor Namuth

When Connor was born, 2 months early, he suffered a stroke that left him with a permanent, life-long condition called cerebral palsy. He walks with a pronounced limp because his left heel does not touch the ground. Since Connor was a little...

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Dustin McCallen

Dustin suffered what should have been a career ending injury in a boating accident. A rope wrapped around his arm and snapped tight, breaking his arm in three places. It was screwed and plated back together. The doctors told him he was luck...

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Emerson McLaughlin

Emerson has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old. She tried virtually every other sport, but soccer has been her true passion and calling since the minute she started. In her freshman year, she made the Varsity squad and was a star...

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Janiece Pigg

On Thursday, December 20, 2012, Janiece's world came crashing down around her with the unexpected death of her father. That evening - not wanting to disappoint her teammates and Coach - Janiece, through her desire to honor her father, playe...

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Jeremy Mundell

Jeremy is an inspiration. The first quarter of the first game of his senior year, he broke his ankle. Jeremy still went to every practice and helped out any way that he could, from running the clock for drills to cheering on his teammates. ...

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Kacie O'Neill

Kacie has been playing soccer since she was about 5 years old, and her passion for the sport is as strong as ever. Early on, Kacie developed a long throw-in that got her noticed by coaches, players and parents from many opposing teams. As a...

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Michael Nitti

Michael plays high school football, baseball, wrestling and is in the weight room year round. He is an awesome athlete, but more importantly, he is an awesome person. Michael founded a club at his high school called Preble Pals. Preble Pals...

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Michelle Mazza

Michelle has overcome having an illness - and a tumor that almost killed her. During the Summer of 2013, she was admitted to a Boston area hospital while she was on vacation with her family. The initial diagnosis was thought to be pneumonia...

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Nicholas Polimeni

Nicholas has been successful at weightlifting and conditioning. His freshman year on the Pocono Mountain East wrestling team, he made second place on the high school wall by squatting three times his weight (that is 300 lbs.). He also comes...

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Nick Martin

Following an outstanding 6th grade youth football season in 2007, Nick was diagnosed with a heart condition and told by doctors that he would need to give up playing his beloved sport of football. After his diagnosis, Nick could have straye...

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Seth Muck

My dyslexia does not define me. I am a person of faith. Dyslexia makes it harder for me to memorize. I choose to be actively involved with my church drama team, youth group and children's ministries. I had the lead part in our church's Chri...

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Tyler McCartney

Tyler lives to play basketball. Tyler started playing on rec or MAYB teams at the age of 9. He has inspired the younger boys to play and helps anyone who asks. He is a very unselfish player and is a starter on the high school team. This pas...