Results for National Guard Most Inspirational Athlete 2014

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Brady Lucas

I am an inspiring athlete because I was born a leader. I am a two-time survivor of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I was first diagnosed on April 14, 2005. I relapsed on Sept. 20, 2010. I was starting my freshman golf season when I relapsed. ...

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Brooke Marcus

An excerpt from an article on Brooke written by ESPNHS Volleyball: Brooke Marcus was trying to help save endangered sea turtles when the fight for her own life began. It was April of 2010, and Marcus and her Douglas (Wyo.) classmates were h...

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Caitlyn Kearns

Caitlyn was hit by a car last year on the day of our kickoff party. At first we did not think it was too bad, just a broken leg and she was banged up. However, in the days that followed we found out that she had severe nerve and vein damage...

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Chelsea Kulesza

I believe what makes Chelsea Kulesza an inspiring athlete, especially in the sport of field hockey, is that she approached the sport, like she does life, with hard work and dedication. She had played soccer, basketball, baseball and softbal...

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Giacinto "GG" Lerice

In August of 2012, GG Lerice was preparing for our football season when he started to have vision issues and was constantly blinking his eyes. GG went to an optometrist, who then sent him to a neurologist. Within a matter of days, we were t...

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Jillian Korgeski

Even in the face of a devastating injury Jillian worked hard in rehab to return and help her volleyball team win districts and make it to state, as well as helping her basketball team win districts and make it to state. This all-regional pl...

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John Jasmer Jr.

John Jasmer Jr. has proven without a doubt above and beyond he is that inspiring athlete. John has managed since entering high school to maintain a GPA above a 3.8 and take honor and AP classes well above his peers. He started varsity and l...

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Karisha Jimenez

Karisha's story is truly inspiring. During her sophomore year in high school she went home to find out there was no home. The apartment that Karisha, her mother and younger sister had rented was being foreclosed on. While mom was working sh...

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Katlynn Levian

Katlynn has a learning disability which has made school very difficult for her over the years. Where most kids would give up and accept it, she has done the opposite. She fights for everything she has. We knew if she got a C, it was a hard-...

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Madison Janelle

At birth our daughter was diagnosed with congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Her body does not make cortisol nor can she retain salt without medications taken three times a day. Any illness, serious injury or severe emotional stress can be life...

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Miranda Huuki

Miranda is a highly competitive athlete. She competes in three varsity sports every year of her high school career. She has earned a Pac West award as well as numerous other awards. Miranda has been a team leader in each of her sports, and ...

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Nikota Howe

Nikota has grown up with a number of things against her but through it all has accomplished so much. She grew up a divorced child since age 3 along with being a military brat as her dad was in the Air Force her entire life. Going from one h...

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Quai Jefferson

An excerpt from The Star-Ledger story on¬†Quai: "What up, what up, what up!" he says, flicking on the lights, dropping his book bag and heading for her bedroom, leaning down with a welcoming kiss. The care package he prepared that morning ‚...

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Zach Linquist

Zach started out his senior year by being diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. Despite his diagnosis, draining treatments and long days at the hospital, Zach returned to the classroom with his positive attitude. He is a leader and inspi...