Results for National Guard Most Inspirational Athlete 2014

Total Votes: 335,765

Aaron Gebhart

New Oxford,, PA

As a child, my sister, who is two years older than me, and I were basically taking care of ourselves. My mother began drinking heavily when I was in the 3rd grade and didn't have a job to support me nor my sister. We had some food but not m...

Total Votes: 16,557

Caitlyn Kearns

Huntington,, NY

Caitlyn was hit by a car last year on the day of our kickoff party. At first we did not think it was too bad, just a broken leg and she was banged up. However, in the days that followed we found out that she had severe nerve and vein damage...

Total Votes: 37,777

Daniel Shannon

Tunkhannock,, PA

Daniel Shannon, a freshman at Tunkhannock Area High School, in Pennsylvania is determined to qualify for an event at the district swim meet next year in spite of being born with Asperger's Syndrome, a genetic neurological disorder on the Au...

Total Votes: 277,117

David Coppola

Philadelphia,, PA

David Coppola is a one-of-a-kind kid who was diagnosed at the beginning of his junior year with Niemann Pick Disease. David's older brother, Andrew, had been diagnosed with this a few years earlier so David knows what his future looks like....

Total Votes: 30,133

Devin Smeltzer

Clementon,, PA

Devin was stricken with cancer at the age of 9. He recently became cancer free and is giving back by visiting St. Christopher's hospital weekly and is raising money for the institution. He recently was part of a group that raised $35,000 fo...

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Total Votes: 214,260

Dominique Cooks

Federal Way,, WA

Dominique Cooks was an amazing athlete for our school, both in basketball and football, before a brain tumor took away his ability to play. Although his body did not allow him to play anymore, his mind continues to inspire his teammates, hi...

Total Votes: 172,035

Erick Dodd

Cranford,, NJ

Erick Dodd was thrust into the world of sports from the time he came home from the hospital nursery. After a two-week stay in the NICU, he spent his first day "home" watching his older sister play softball with the local recreational league...

Total Votes: 34,421

Jacory Washington

Lake Charles,, LA

Jacory is a blessing to all who come in contact with him. Jacory, an Under Armour All-American football player and LSU signee, is referred to as a gentle "Giant" for his a loving heart and spirit. When you look at him as an all-around stud...

Total Votes: 14,183

Peter Butkus

Mendham,, NJ

I admire Peter Butkus so much and feel he is very deserving of this award. You see, Peter suffers from a degenerative eye disease called Stargardt Disease. He is legally blind and struggles everyday with his sight. He won't be able to do ma...

Total Votes: 116,086

Seth Muck

Avon Lake,, OH

My dyslexia does not define me. I am a person of faith. Dyslexia makes it harder for me to memorize. I choose to be actively involved with my church drama team, youth group and children's ministries. I had the lead part in our church's Chri...

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