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Anchorage, Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska

The winner of this matchup recieves the Boot Trophy. This rivalry runs deep, with some of the players having played together on the same Pop Warner and B&G Club football teams.

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Carson City, Nev.
Minden, Nev.

Carson and Douglas are the only football-playing schools from nearby small towns just south of Reno, so there's a natural animosity between them. They've been playing each other in football since 1923 (Carson owns a 46-22-3 all-time lead) but the rivalry extends well behind the gridiron. The rivalry has been close as of late with the past three games being decided by a total of seven points.

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Pueblo, Colo.
Pueblo, Colo.

Located just seven miles apart, Centennial and Central kicked off the oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi in 1881. In 1950, the teams started playing for a bell trophy, which the winning team gets to paint their school colors and keep for a year. More than 15,000 fans usually attend the game, which Central leads 55-48-9 overall (34-27-2 since the bell trophy came into play).

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Douglas, Ariz.
Bisbee, Ariz.

This rivalry began in 1906, when Bisbee defeated Douglas 7-6. The coveted Copper Pick has been awarded to the winner of the game since 1945. Until 1955, the teams met twice a season; once before Thanksgiving and once on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year's meeting marked the 142nd game in the series.

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Drummond, Mont.
Wibaux County
Wibaux, Mont.

This is one of the most unconventional rivalries, as the schools are eight hours apart and don't play annually. But the 550-Mile Showdown ignited through high-stake postseason meetings in Class C (8-man). The 2012 semifinal marked the sixth time in nine years that they've met in the postseason - all but one played at Wibaux. "You're not gonna make that kind of trip and not give your best effort," Drummond coach Jim Oberweiser said. Wibaux has played in the state finals seven times since 2000, winning twice. Drummond has won the state title five times since 2003, including once over Wibaux.

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Enumclaw, Wash.
White River
Buckley, Wash.

After merging for four years in the late 1940s, Enumclaw and White River branched out on their own in 1953. Both teams refused to give up the Hornets nickname or the maroon and gold team colors. To this day, the schools share a nickname, team colors and a grudge. After a four-year hiatus, the Enumclaw and White River rivalry was reignited this fall when Enumclaw won 22-13.

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Pocatello, Idaho
Pocatello, Idaho

Highland, which became Pocatello's second high school 49 years ago, has won nine state titles since 1984 and is Idaho's top program over the past three decades. Pocatello, meanwhile, has five state titles since 1989 but lost 42 of 56 meetings with its crosstown rival. This matchup has been enhanced by the Koetter family coaching tree - Dirk Koetter, now offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons, played and coached in it. The teams play in front of a packed house inside the local college stadium - Holt Arena, home of the Idaho State Bengals.

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Kahuku, Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii

Kahuku has won six Division I state titles since 2000, and nearly every year the team has to go through Farrington. Sometimes twice. The teams' annual regular-season matchup usually determines the Eastern Division championship, then they often play again in the playoffs. No matter the situation, the games are always physical and run-oriented.

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Las Cruces
Las Cruces, N.M.
Las Cruces, N.M.

Dating back to 1967, the popularity of the state's most intense high school rivalry inspired a documentary, "Cruces Divided". The annual matchup is played in November at New Mexico State and draws a crowd pushing 30,000.

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San Jose, Calif.
San Jose Academy
San Jose, Calif.

These San Jose rivals have met on Thanksgiving Day since 1945. The schools compete for a cow femur mounted on a wooden block, which gives the contest its iconic name; The Big Bone Game.

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Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

This rivalry dates back to 1962. The two teams, which are just six blocks apart, play for The Rock. This football-shaped rock gets painted with the winning team's colors. Last season, the duo met for a regional title for the first time in 20 years. The intense battle ended with Olympus claiming the win, leading the series 35-28.

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Oregon City
Oregon City, Ore.
West Linn
West Linn, Ore.

Started in 1921, this rivalry is one of the oldest continuously played game west of the Mississippi. During World War II, games were held during the day due to the "no lights" curfew. West Linn has the longest winning streak (nine), but OC leads the series, 49- 42-1.

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Sheridan, Wyo.
Campbell County
Gillette, Wyo.

These two teams met for the 66th time this season in the state semifinals, with Campbell County winning to take the two-game sweep this season. Sheridan leads 38-27-1 in the game that is called The Energy Bowl, because of the large coal mines around the towns.