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Baylor School
Chattanooga, Tenn.
McCallie School
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Starting in 1905, this is the oldest rivalry in the state of Tennessee. The fued is named the Cross-River Rivalry because the two schools are separated by the Tennessee River in Chattanooga. Both schools annually use this game as their homecoming game, and it regularly attracts up to 10,000 loyal fans.

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Jenks, Okla.
Tulsa, Okla.

These football powerhouse teams are regarded as the best programs in the state. Their annual matchup, which started in 1949, is dubbed the Backyard Brawl and draws up to 30,000 spectators.

Total Votes: 2,173
New Orleans, La.
Holy Cross
New Orleans, La.

Having played every year since 1922, Jesuit vs. Holy Cross is a rivalry so intense it stays with players long after their glory days. Just ask Ronald Gravois, who played for Jesuit from 1954-55 and now manages a website,, solely dedicated to chronicling the rivalry. Jesuit leads the series 54-37-1.

Total Votes: 9,235
Valdosta, Ga.
Valdosta, Ga.

Widely regarded as Georgia's most popular high school rivalry, Valdosta-Lowndes, dubbed the "Winnersville Classic", is also one of the most heated. From the vandalism of the schools the night before the big game to the emotional trash talk during the game, it's clear to see that neither side is very fond of the other. It helps that both programs have been wildly successful. Valdosta has accumulated the most wins in the nation (874-208-34), while Lowndes has won four of its five state titles since 1999.

Total Votes: 19,202
Bradenton, Fla.
Bradenton, Fla.

When these two schools face off, it is a small town environment compared with a lot of the nationally known rivalries. This crosstown rivalry usually determines who will be the dominant program in the area. This game has been part of a military-sponsored series in the past. It is is the largest game in the state in the month of September, and clears the way for the winner to be seen as a state favorite for the remainder of the season.

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Total Votes: 392
Olive Branch
Olive Branch, Miss.
South Panola
Batesville, Miss.

A sudden burst of powerhouse athletes have turned these two teams into rivals. These two schools are on the upper level of athletics in the whole state, with both schools pouring out top recruits year after year. The teams battle for mere bragging rights. With no historic significance, these schools are rivals based on adrenaline and power.

Total Votes: 17,519
Canton, N.C.
Tuscola Senior
Waynesville, N.C.

As the only two football teams in Haywood County, N.C., located roughly nine miles apart, the Pisgah-Tuscola rivalry draws nearly 10,000 fans every time they meet up. The first game was back in 1966 and the emotions of the game have only intensified over the years. It's the kind of rivalry that makes the county a ghost town for the night.

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Rock Hill
Rock Hill, S.C.
Rock Hill, S.C.

These two teams began their feud in 1964 and have all the makings of a spirited rivalry, from multiple state titles to a handful of alumni who went on to play in college and the NFL. In years past, fans have been removed from the stands for waving derogatory signs at each other. Tombstones with the opposing team's players' names on them have had to be removed from the field on game day .

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Sherman, Texas
Denison, Texas

The "Battle of the Ax" is the oldest high school rivalry in the state of Texas, starting in 1906. Since 1912, there has only been five years in the which the game has not been played, usually due to the country being at war. The schools are only eight miles apart.

Total Votes: 1,882
Springdale, Ark.
Fayetteville, Ark.

These teams have met 113 times, developing a classic rivalry that some would call an old fashioned dog fight. Beggining in 1923, this is longest running rivalry in the state. Some might say that since Springdale has split into two districts, this rivalry does not hold as much emotion as it once did. However, there are not many rivalries in the nation which have run as long as this one. If you ask the fans of either school, they will tell you that "bad blood" is still there. Considering these two teams are in the same conference, this rivalry will continue for years to come.

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Total Votes: 167,324
St. Xavier
Louisville, Ky.
Louisville, Ky.

These two teams have one of the best modern day football rivalries in the country. Beginning in 1956, this matchup has been coined the best prep football rivalry by Sporting News. This game packs the stands every year with average attendance surpassing 35,000. The series rivalry is currently tied, 31-31-2.

Total Votes: 182,555
T.R. Miller
Brewton, Ala.
W.S. Neal
Brewton, Ala.

This matchup is known as the Battle of Murder Creek. The schools were built by two lumber pioneers, Miller and Neal. Neal and Miller have played 70 games with Neal winning 21 games and Miller winning the other 49.

Total Votes: 9,542
Woodberry Forest
Woodberry Forest, Va.
Alexandria, Va.

The two teams first met in 1901, in what both schools refer to as The Game. Woodberry has even adopted a tiger in the past for this game and traditionally hosts a bonfire with their flag at the top before the matchup. The rivals have tangled on national television and this game draws more than 14,000 fans every year.