Results for Top Rivalry 2012

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Kelly Walsh
Casper, Wyo.
Casper, Wyo.

These two teams met for the 48th time this season with Natrona leading the series 36-12. Former vice president Dick Cheney once played for Natrona County in this game, which is called the Oil Bowl.

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Laramie, Wyo.
Cheyenne Central
Cheyenne, Wyo.

This rivalry kicked off in 1909 and has now been played 128 times; the most of any rivalry in the state (Central leads 64-58-6). The most memorable game was in 1955. Laramie won 18-14 to claim the Class AA championship, but Cheyenne Central filed a protest claiming "timing irregularities" gave Laramie an unfair advantage. Although the protest was eventually tossed out, the timekeeper that day, Edwin Hitchcock, died just days after the game due to a heart attack.

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Sheridan, Wyo.
Campbell County
Gillette, Wyo.

These two teams met for the 66th time this season in the state semifinals, with Campbell County winning to take the two-game sweep this season. Sheridan leads 38-27-1 in the game that is called The Energy Bowl, because of the large coal mines around the towns.