Results for Top Rivalry 2012

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Hampton, Va.
Hampton, Va.

The schools are separated by just four miles, which means that the players grew up together and played in rec leagues together. But when the lights come on for this heated rivalry, friends transform into hated enemies for at least 48 minutes. The two teams met for the first time in 1976 and have been intense rivals ever since.

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Appalachia, Va
Gate City
Gate City, Va.

The rivalry began in 1959. Powell Valley became Union in 2011, but the rivalry hasn't lost any bitterness. The schools are 25 miles apart and it's such a hot ticket event that fans from other schools skip their own team's game in order to see these rivals do battle.

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Woodberry Forest
Woodberry Forest, Va.
Alexandria, Va.

The two teams first met in 1901, in what both schools refer to as The Game. Woodberry has even adopted a tiger in the past for this game and traditionally hosts a bonfire with their flag at the top before the matchup. The rivals have tangled on national television and this game draws more than 14,000 fans every year.