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Longview, Texas
Marshall, Texas

In the middle of the hottest part of Texas is where this rivalry lives. It has been noted by Maxim magazine as the 14th-best rivalry in the country. This rivalry has a long history, famous alumni and legendary games. The game between these two schools is known to define both communities and their citizens. It has been generation after generation of kids going against each other in this epic matchup.

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Odessa Permian
Odessa, Texas
Midland Lee
Midland, Texas

This huge rivalry has become highly glorified after it became the subject for the movie "Friday Night Lights". One of the biggest reasons the now-famous rivalry sits where it does, is because of just how good these two teams have performed. During a 21-season stretch from 1980 to 2000, the two schools combined for 10 state final appearances and won seven.

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Sherman, Texas
Denison, Texas

The "Battle of the Ax" is the oldest high school rivalry in the state of Texas, starting in 1906. Since 1912, there has only been five years in the which the game has not been played, usually due to the country being at war. The schools are only eight miles apart.