Results for Top Rivalry 2012

Total Votes: 70
NW Rankin
Flowood, Miss.
Madison Central
Madison, Miss.

This rivalry game is a classic case of big brother versus little brother. Madison Central typically always has a strong program (older brother). It ran the area for the longest time in football, until little brother NW Rankin started to gain momentum and now challenges the older brother year in and year out for respect and bragging rights.

Total Votes: 64
Oak Grove
Hattiesburg, Miss.
Petal, Miss.

This longtime natural rivalry is between two neighboring schools. Due to the emergence of both football programs in the past 10 years, the rivalry has really picked up steam. Adding Brett Favre as a coach for Oak Grove will only fuel the fire more. Both schools' bragging rights go all the way to the top facilities and classrooms in the state. This rivalry clearly doesn't just stay on the field.

Total Votes: 92
Olive Branch
Olive Branch, Miss.
South Panola
Batesville, Miss.

A sudden burst of powerhouse athletes have turned these two teams into rivals. These two schools are on the upper level of athletics in the whole state, with both schools pouring out top recruits year after year. The teams battle for mere bragging rights. With no historic significance, these schools are rivals based on adrenaline and power.