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Tillamook, OR

A cheesemaker is a person in a cheese factory who helps turn the curd. Tillamook, Ore., located on the coast west of Portland, is home to world famous Tillamook Cheese. The cheese factory has been part of the town since the early 1900s, loc...

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Gabbs, NV

Every fall, this small town is overtaken by the migration of male tarantulas traveling across the desert to find a mate, covering the roads and outnumbering humans. Residents find them in their houses, climbing up their screen doors. As a t...

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Pine Lads

Lanai City, HI

Lanai, a tiny picturesque island just west of Maui, was the world’s largest pineapple plantation up until the 1980s. Though tourism now drives the island’s economy, the school’s nicknames, Pine Lads for boys and Pine Lasses for girls,...

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Morgan Hill, CA

What better mascot for a school named Live Oak than an acorn? It sure beats the Live Oak Leaves.

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Northern Lights

Deering, AK

The famous Northern Lights traditionally are seen in Alaska and are very predominant in this area of the state. The Northern Lights are part of the culture, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks even has a continuous Northern Lights foreca...

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Richland, WA

Richland's mascot has a double meaning. According to the school, the Bombers nickname first came about because a handful of local employees donated a day's pay to help raise money to purchase a military bomber during World War II. The plane...