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Price, UT

Numerous dinosaur fossils have been found in the area, hence the name "Dino". The school's active mascot during games is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Rocky Mountain Oysters

Carbondale, CO

The Oysters in and of itself would be a unique mascot. But to fully appreciate the charm behind the Colorado Rocky Mountain School Oysters, you must know that a rocky mountain oyster isn't seafood. Nope, it's a Colorado delicacy of fried bu...

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Hutto, TX

According to local legend, it was in 1915 that a circus train stopped in Hutto, Texas, and during its layover, a hippopotamus got out of a rail car and made its way to a local creek. From there, the town's depot agent telegraphed communitie...

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Golden Tornadoes

Sulphur, LA

Sulphur has a great mascot, even if it's named after a not-so-great moment in the town history. In 1918, a hurricane struck the Sulphur area without warning the same day a tornado touched down. The storms left very few businesses standing a...

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Yuma, AZ

The Criminals might steal the ball, but not your lunch money. After Yuma's original school building burned down in 1910, classes were held in the cellblocks of the vacated Yuma Territorial Prison.

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Zuni, NM

The name is derived from the tale of a mythical bird thought by some North American Native Americans to pocess special powers.