Results for Best Mascot 2014

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Big Piney, WY

No the athletes at Big Piney aren't going to clock you one if you end up beating them in a sports competition, the Punchers name is short for cowpunchers, which is just another name for a cowboy.

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Chinook, MT

The town's livelihood was built around sugarbeet production, but the sugarbeet doesn't exactly strike fear in many opponents. So the mascot's look has changed over the years, and now the school has arrived at a much more ferocious-looking v...

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Mighty Midgets

Dickinson, ND

The school's nickname was created in the early 1900s, when a radio announcer used the term in an endearing manner to describe the hometown team's basketball players in a game against much taller opponents. The moniker was an immediate hit a...

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Orofino, ID

The assumption is that the school was named Maniacs because of the state psychiatric hospital in Orofino. But school officials and historians are quick to point out the nickname predates the hospital. According to the school, this is the or...

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Volga, SD

As the story goes, when the town of Volga, S.D., was founded there was a Russian crew that was supposed to come in and install a railroad but it never showed up. This obviously had a lasting impact. Sioux Valley High School is known as the ...

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Moorhead, MN

Idaho may be famous for its potatoes, but it's this Minnesota high school on the border with North Dakota that is home to the lovable mascot, Spuddy. Sometime between 1918 and 1922 Moorhead High adopted the Spuds nickname to honor the area'...