Results for Best Mascot 2014

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Little Rock, AR

They may have created the ultimate pun when Arkansas School for the Deaf chose the Leopards as their mascot. "Welcome to the home of the Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards!" is posted across their athletic website. It's not quite Def Lep...

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St. Louis, MO

The origin of the first part of the team nickname for Block -- more specifically the Louis and Sarah Block Yeshiva Academy -- is easy to understand. It's the second part that is more of a mystery. One unverified version of the nickname's cr...

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Woodward, OK

The school's nickname and logo pay tribue to the city's pioneer days, when its open spaces were used primarily for raising cattle. Boomers is the name given to settlers who attempted to enter the Unassigned Lands in what is now the state of...

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Cozad, NE

The nickname dates back to 1926, when Raymond Rowe and Herful Pedersen won a contest to name the area schools. Many people said their submission was actually a joke. But Cozad was once known as the source for alfalfa in the Platte River Val...

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Dewey, OK

Dewey had one of the largest rodeo grounds in the nation until 1948. The mascot is derived from rodeo sport, known as "Bulldogging" a steer. It was founded by Bill Pickett, who would bite the ear off the steer, which in turn helped get it t...

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Bray, OK

The town of Bray was named for its first postmaster. The word bray is defined as the loud, harsh cry of a donkey, hence the animal serving as the school's athletic nickname.

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Fowler, KS

In 1934, Fern Barger won the contest to select Fowler's mascot with the Goldbug. The idea was taken from the 1843 short story by Edgar Allen Poe entitled "Goldbug". The story is about a man who gets bit by a goldbug and becomes obsessed wit...

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Pratt, KS

In 1925, Pratt's FB/BB coach changed the basketball uniforms from red and white to yellow because he thought too many schools were red and white. Two years later, he changed the football uniforms to green. Pratt's football field during that...

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Story City, IA

In the fall of 1969, the Roland Community School District and the Story City Community School District reorganized and became the Roland-Story Community School District. Prior to the reorganization, the Roland sports teams were known as the...