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Red Elephants

Gainesville, GA

The word is that the Red Elephants name came from Everett Strupper, a local sports writer, in the mid 1930s. Once after watching Gainesville pull out a hard fought win, he wrote that Gainesville marched "up and down the field like a herd of...

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Greensboro, NC

From 1920 to 1951 the Whirlies were named the Purple Whirlwinds, but when the colors changed to blue and white, purple dropped and eventually Whirlies was adopted.

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Houston, MS

There are a number of different ideas of what a hilltopper is exactly. The Houston Hilltopper is a ram. Houston used to have a real ram that would lead the football team out onto the field - but that was done away with and replaced with som...

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Birmingham, AL

A great distance from Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounties, this school got its nickname from Shades Mountain and from originally being built in a valley between two mountains. The original name of Mountaineers has over time been shortene...

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Memphis, TN

Founded in 1847 and once known as Belles (as in Southern Belles), St. Mary's became the turkeys in 1975. Two seniors - Lisa Morrow Morten and Crissy Garrett Haslam, had brothers who attended Memphis University School (all boys) and the stud...

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Tarpon Springs, FL

Tarpon Springs High School was established in 1905. It's mascot is the Sponger, reflecting the town's long history of sponge diving. Sponge Diving is the oldest known form of the original art of underwater diving, in order to retrieve natur...

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Barnwell, SC

The school's nickname recognizes the region's role in historic battle sites during the Civil War.