Results for Best Mascot 2014

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Fair Lawn, NJ

As the story goes, back in the day a bunch of football players cut class and got suspended for the first half of their next game. Once they got into the game in the second half, Fair Lawn pulled out a win. The local newspapers said that "Cu...

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Fighting Frogs

Washington D.C., DC

One may ask how a school with such a rich history and both academic and athletic prestige could tag itself with the Frogs nickname? It is representative of the energy and insatiable curiosity that spawns a joyful learning of leaps and bound...

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Flying Flucos

Palmyra, VA

It is said that in the 1930s a radio broadcaster yelled, "Look at that Fluco go!" during a live broadcast. In his excitement he combined Fluvanna and County. The students loved it and ever since, they have embraced it.

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Flying Dutch

St. Marys, PA

St Marys was founded by German immigrants in 1842. Deutsch is the German language word for German. This word was pronounced by English speakers as "Dutch." In the 1920s, the school mascot was the Dutchmen. At some point in the school's hist...

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Annapolis, MD

The Key School’s unusual nickname dates to the 1970s, when local sportswriters told the school it needed a mascot. Key, which prides itself on doing things a bit differently, settled on Obezags. You might notice it’s an anagram of gazeb...

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Poca, WV

A brilliant sportswriter for the Charleston Gazette suggested the name in 1928 and it stuck. The school's mascot is a fierce-looking red dot.

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Wilmington, DE

Salesianum, which opened in 1903, doesn't have an official mascot or nickname, but their athletic teams are often reffered to as the Sallies, a derivative of the school name.