Results for Best Mascot 2014

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Derry, NH

Pinkerton, home to one of the most historically dominant football programs in the state, didn't pattern its nickname after the major league baseball club. In fact, Pinkerton made the switch three years before the Houston professional team c...

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Burlington, VT

The story goes that fossils of seahorses were found when the site of the former Burlington High School, now Edmunds Elementary/Middle Schools, was excavated in the late 1800’s. The fossils possibly dated back to over 12,000 years ago when...

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Thunder Chickens

Rensselaer, NY

Legend has it there was a contest among students in the 1980s for a mascot name, and this was the one stuck.

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Terryville, CT

It's many, many miles from Australia, but Terryville got its nickname from a cheerleader who brought her stuffed kangaroo to practices and games. It became a lucky charm and a tradition so strong that the original rests safely in a display ...

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Bath, ME

Morse is located in Bath, which has a loooong history of building ships. The area has been known for its ship-building since 1607. And the heritage continues today - Bath is home to Bath Iron Works, a shipyard specializing in designing, bui...

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Salem, MA

Given that Salem was home to the infamous Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692 and the city still drives plenty of witch-related tourism, the town's school really had no choice than to adopt the Witches mascot. It's too cool - and authentic - to...

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Warwick, RI

The name points to Rhode Island's hurricane-prone history.