Results for Best Mascot 2014

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Bassett, VA

Bassett High is the home of the Bengals, and by the look of their mascot, it's also the home of the most intimidating, violent bengals you will find you will find in high school sports.

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Waynesboro, VA

A caisson is a vehicle, which is typically towed by a horse, that transports ammunition. The school's founder, James A. Fishburne, was a protege of General Robert E. Lee, who knew a little something about warfare.

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Flying Flucos

Palmyra, VA

It is said that in the 1930s a radio broadcaster yelled, "Look at that Fluco go!" during a live broadcast. In his excitement he combined Fluvanna and County. The students loved it and ever since, they have embraced it.

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Hampton, VA

A crabber is a crab fisherman. Makes sense to be called the Crabbers in an area that is home to one of the country's largest seafood festivals.

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Little Giants

Waynesboro, VA

This school mascot came before the movie. In 1939, a former athletic director in Indiana came to Waynesboro with the idea of bringing over the same mascot and school colors. From that point forward, Waynesboro became the Little Giants, and ...

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Hampton, VA

The Phantoms mascot was chosen by Phoebus' first graduating class in 1975. The mysteriousness of the Phantom was a sign that teams never knew what they'd be in for when they played Phoebus.

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Chincoteague, VA

The school mascot represents the Chincoteague Ponies legend that ponies descended from survivors of wrecked Spanish galleons off the Virginia coast during the 17th century currently live on Assateague Island.

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Norfolk, VA

The mascot was chosen because it means "ones that reveal the will of God," which represents the school's primary goal for its student-athletes.