Results for Best Mascot 2014

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Price, UT

Numerous dinosaur fossils have been found in the area, hence the name "Dino". The school's active mascot during games is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Kaysville, UT

When the football program was established in 1915, the mascot name derived from two agile running backs that darted through the defense.

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Escalante, UT

The name is rooted in Native American history. The term was dubbed by the Hopi and means "the dead ones".

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Sandy, UT

Back in the day, students were dismissed early from school so they could help farmers harvest sugar beets.

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Manti Templars

Manti, UT

The mascot is modeled after the Knights Templar during the Middle Ages.

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Lehi, UT

Lehi High School prides itself on its mascot, Pioneer Pete. The town of Lehi was founded in the 1850s by a group of Mormon pioneers.

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Cedar City, UT

More than 50 years ago, the school decided to pay tribute to the many Native Americans who lived in southern Utah. While many newspapers in northern Utah have objected to the school's use of the mascot, school administration has successfull...

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Winged Lions

Salt Lake City, UT

The only group of Winged Lions in the country, Rowland Hall-St. Marks is the oldest co-educational independent school in the state of Utah. So, having the claim to fame as the only group of Winged Lions in the country is certainly an impres...